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Newborns FAQ

What kind of newborn photos do you take?

     My in-home newborn sessions are sometimes called “lifestyle” because I am trying to capture your new baby in an artistic but real-to-life way. My primary goal during a newborn session is to create timeless images showing moments of your baby’s first few days while surrounded by the people who love them. I generally focus about half the session on baby being held around your home, and then move toward natural, baby-led posing of baby alone, both around your home and comfortably positioned on a beanbag and soft blankets.  

     *A quick note about safety: I take your baby's safety during our session very seriously.  Each newborn is a precious gift from God and they needed to be treated with the utmost care!  I have shot over 100 newborns and have taken professional development courses to increase my knowledge of newborn safety issues.  Regardless of who you choose for your baby's first photo shoot, please make sure that photographer is experienced and informed on best safety practices. 

Where will the newborn session take place and how long will it last?

     The session takes place in your home and lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours. I never rush and let baby take as many breaks as needed for feeding, rocking, changing, etc.  If baby has older siblings, we will usually do family pictures first so big brother or sister can be done as soon as possible.

When should I book my session and when will the session be?

     Due to baby’s unpredictable arrival dates, I only accept a limited number of newborn sessions each month. I recommend booking your newborn session by your second trimester to ensure availability. After you have booked your session and signed your contract, I will “pencil you in” to my calendar for around baby’s due date. Then you will contact me as soon baby arrives to set an exact time and date for the session! I prefer to see newborns at 5-10 days old when possible.  I typically do not do sleeping/posed shots for babies older than 2 weeks, but if you are wanting an in-home lifestyle session and don't mind if baby is awake those sessions can take place anytime in the first few months.

     Newborn sessions are held on weekday mornings only.  If baby has school-aged siblings, I can come back to your home in the afternoon for family pictures!  Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer these sessions on weekends at any time.

     Newborn sessions do occasionally need to be rescheduled.  If I am sick or you have a sick family member, I will reschedule the session for baby's safety.  Additionally, since I use only natural light, I may also reschedule in the case of heavy thunderstorms (light rain or overcast weather is usually no problem).

Are siblings and parents in the photos?

     YES! Part of the magic of a newborn is seeing them have their first interactions with family members. Including yourself in pictures with your children is a gift to them, and makes the final product that much more special for you and your children for years to come.

     A note about your fur babies:  I do love including dogs and other pets in family photos when possible, but your newborn's safety is my top priority.  I recommend only allowing dogs in photos near your baby if they are adult, well-trained, and comfortable around your newborn and other children.

What should we wear? What should baby wear?

     For newborn sessions, I recommend family members wear all light-colored, neutral clothing. Think white/ivory, cream, khaki/beige, light pastels, and chambray (light denim). This helps keep a light and airy feel while keeping the focus on baby. Mostly solids are best with a subtle pattern/texture if you would like. Keep in mind that any bright color you wear will reflect on baby’s face while being held.

     For baby, I have a variety of swaddle wraps and accessories I will bring with me.  If you would prefer baby to be clothed for family pictures, I suggest a neutral onesie or daygown.  You do not need to dress baby in outfits unless you have a special heirloom item you want to include in pictures.  Please try clothing on baby in advance, as even newborn-sized clothing can be too large and ill-fitting for brand new babies.

Can I make requests for certain poses or shots I’ve seen from other photographers?

     If you have a few special heirlooms or other items that are meaningful to you, please let me know in advance and I will do my best to incorporate these in your photos!  In terms of posing, I prefer only positions that are safe and natural for baby. Please keep in mind that I do not use elaborate props/backdrops. If you find that you prefer more posed, studio-style newborn pictures, there are some amazing local photographers who specialize in this that I can recommend.

My house doesn’t look like a magazine. What should I do?

     Mine either!! Please do not worry if your house isn’t spotless or perfectly designed. Part of what makes your images unique is capturing your baby and family in their real, day-to-day environment. I will move furniture and remove decorative items based on the lighting and aesthetics of the shot as needed. I typically shoot in the master bedroom and nursery, but if these rooms are not ideal for pictures we will shoot wherever you have the best natural light! We also might take a few shots outside in your yard, weather permitting.

     I also have several clients concerned about the amount of natural light in their homes.  While some homes do allow more light in than others, my job is to find the areas of your home that will work best for pictures.  I have photographed over 100 newborns and have never had a situation where I couldn't find a spot to take pictures!  You can help me by opening blinds and curtains prior to your session, and completely removing any blackout panels or anything that permanently blocks window light.

How else should I prepare for my session?

     Turn your heat up...a lot. Babies are more comfortable and sleepy when it is warm (like around 80 degrees!).  Because we will be moving baby around more than usual, have a pacifier handy (I prefer the round plastic ones they have at the hospital), OR be prepared to feed your baby a little more often.  I also suggest choosing a family member or friend to tidy up your bedroom, nursery, or any other areas in your home that get good natural light (if you don’t get to this step don’t worry, I am a great tidy-upper). :)

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